Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Veterans Wars Convention 2017

Our club just had its annual Fall convention "Veterans Wars."  I will go out on a limb and call it our best yet.

I ran my Vietnam War Battle of Kontum game at the convention.  It went better than the playtesting I did.  Rules were Cold War Commander with 10mm figures.  I can add more detail about the battle of there is interest.

Here are some pictures from the convention:

Battle of Kontum
NVA attempt to breakthrough the ARVN defenses at night.
NVA breakthrough ARVN left flank.
Daylight and U.S. air support arrives.  First time TOW missiles are fired from helicopters in combat (May 1972).

Colonial Sudan Battles

Short video of part of the action.

Battle of the Bulge

Other Battles
HOTT tournament game

Battle of Cambrai board

Battle of Empress Augusta Bay
WWI: Austro-Hungarians vs Serbs

Battle of Jenin

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Coloured Pencils on Miniatures?

I just discovered that you can use a coloured pencil / pencil crayon on a painted miniature.  Thanks to a friend of mine who told me about it.  Maybe old news to you, but I would never have thought of using coloured pencils on miniatures.

I borrowed my wife's Prismacolor Premier White and drew lines on a Philippine Insurgent 28mm Tiger Miniature.  I had painted some blue Rayadillo uniforms, but without lines.  I popped on my magnifier glasses and started drawing the lines.  I think they turned out good, though probably pointless because you cannot see the lines when gaming with them.

Not exactly what makes the best coloured pencil to use (type or brand).  The Prismacolor ones are soft and have good wax content.  A sharp point is certainly key to getting into all the parts of the figure.

Side note, I have ordered a bunch of American and Filipino miniatures from the 1898 Miniatures company for a future skirmish battle using The Men Who Would Be Kings rules.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

10mm Palm Trees Tutorial

Here's an option for creating your own 10mm palm trees.  I made these up for my WWI Middle East battles.  I'm sure I can use them for other scenarios needing palm trees.

Palm tree leaves.

Aquarium plant, toothpick, coffee stir stick/straw, cork sheet.

 Everything cut to size.

 All the pieces put together.
 Glued and painted up.
Trees in action (Battle of Gaza).